How to check and set rights to your recently migrated content With Sharegate

In our last blog i showed you how you can migrate content between site collection. For my test  migrated some content from a users OneDrive to a Site collection of the department the user was in.

When i provided him with the information of the location of his content he notified me that he wasn’t able to see any of his content or documents.

So the first thing i thought ok probably the rights. But the thing was that the user created a subsite in his department where i had put his content. This means that the user is Site owner of that site. Then i realized we migrated his data from his OneDrive where only he had access to so i probably had to set the rights on the folders and content i had migrated.

Check permissions with the Sharegate Security and Management feature.

Go to Sharegate and select security. You will see the following options.

sec mngt1

Then select Check permissions.

sec mngt2

Select the group you want to check


Select your target Site, list or directory

sec mngt3

Press View to view the Permissions of that moment.

Set rights to a list or library within a Subsites

To set rights with the Sharegate security an management tool go to security and select add permissions.

sec mngt1

Again select the user or group which you would like to give permissions.

sec mngt5

Select the Role you want to give the user or Group

sec mngt4

Select the target where you want to give permissions

sec mngt3

In my case i selected both options

  • Cascade to children
  • Cascade to Content

I did this because i have one user who doesn’t have rights on his own migrated folder.

sec mngt6

Then press apply to set the permissions that’s it.

This feature i really dummy proof when you want to give easy permissions. Now you don’t have to got to the site, list or library to give permissions.

Source: Sharegate website

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