Use the latest Features of Office 365 and SharePoint online

Office 365 band SharePoint Online continues to develop and grow this means there are updates coming out everyday, week or month.

Microsoft offers the ability to turn on ‘Preview Features’, Preview Features are the latest changes that haven’t been released yet.

So How do I enable the preview features?

Easy, navigate to your admin tenant (


Click Settings, scroll most of the page down and you will see a section called ‘Preview Features’ .

Enable the feature and click OK


Once done the latest Preview features should be available to you.

Learn more about Preview Features here

Preview Features Office365

You can also enable the preview features of Office365. This will enable lots of preview feutures like (Sway, Delve, and office 2016).

To enable these go to your admin tentant (


Next klik on service settings and select updates.update3

Now you have the option First Release. You can set this on entire company or you can set up a couple of super users to test with the preview features.

Enjoy your new features.

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