Sharepoint management approval workflow.

What Wiki says about Nintex

Nintex is an independent software vendor and workflow company with customers in over 90 countries, serviced by a network of partners and service providers. The company has offices in Bellevue (USA), London (UK), Melbourne (Australia) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Nintex was founded in 2006 by Brian Cook and Brett Campbell, and is part of the Nintex Group which was formed out of Australian IT Services Company, OBS. In October 2010 Macquarie Capital Group Limited agreed to acquire a significant minority interest in Nintex. In March 2013, private equity firms, TA Associates and Updata Partners made a significant investment in the Nintex Group. As a part of this investment, several executives from TA and Updata joined Nintex’s board of directors.

The company’s products include Nintex Workflow, recognized by Forrester analysts as the most utilized third party tool for Microsoft SharePoint; Nintex Forms, a design tool which complements Microsoft SharePoint forms; Nintex Workflow for Project Server; and Nintex Live, a cloud-based workflow solution.

Ok lets start with Nintex.
First of all you go to Site options, when you have activated Nintex you see the following.
If you see this you know that Nintex is activated.
Ok now lets go back to our document library. When you are in the document library you have al you options on the topsite of the library.
Press the following to start creating your own workflow for this document library.
Then press the second option add a new workflow. When you have done this you will go thru to the next screen.
As you can see i already created a simple workflow for 2 persons who need to give their approval.
TIP I always start with the task with a approval notification and a email. i do this so the user who uploaded the document will be able to edit the document and the user will get a Email with the info that his document is waiting for approval.
When you are creating you own workflow you can just pick some of the icons on the left and drag them into the working field. Don’t forget to config the icons you dragged to the editing field.  You can do this by pushing the small arrow on the top right of the Icon.

When you have a little workflow your flow always needs to end with a status change (End status machine).
This last option will end the flow (This prevents you get any loops and people will get spammed).

When you’re done editing you can save your flow and publish it to you document library.